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The Studio

This is a small, friendly pottery studio with a fun and casual atmosphere. Muddy Pants offers private lessons, along with small group classes in wheel throw ceramics, hand-building techniques, and decorative tile painting.

We love to introduce people of all ages to clay and can bring a hand-building project to your family gathering, home-schooling group, preschool or party.

The Owner

"The minute I felt that cool, wet clay slide through my fingers, I knew I was a potter.  
Nine years later and I still find joy in each piece I create. My work is primarily focused on utilitarian pieces.  Food just tastes better on a handmade plate."
Cindy Glad 2018

In 2009, I took a ceramics class with the attitude that if I was successful great, if not, no big deal. I had been attending Historical Tile Painting classes through Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. My instructor, Gina Garner, is a generous and talented lady. She started me painting on 4-inch tiles then moved me to 6-inch tiles.  I then began painting on plates and other pieces of ceramics. Eventually Gina encouraged me to try my hand at murals. Each step of the way I loved the process. There is a serenity that comes to laying down layers of color and an excitement in not knowing for sure what the end result would be. 

After taking this class a couple of times I realized that I was spending a lot of money for pre-made bisque dishes to paint on. I wondered how difficult it would be to make my own. The college was offering a beginning ceramics class, so I decided to give it a try.


Wow. I loved it! I knew right away that this is what I wanted to spend my time doing. I had been exploring different artistic mediums and enjoyed many such as photography, printmaking, oil painting, and watercolor. But as soon as I centered my first ball of clay and pulled up my first silly, cylinder, I was hooked.  I became forever, a potter.

So, I make pottery.  I personally love a good, useful piece of pottery. I want something special to eat my dinner on or to bake my lasagna in.  I love to give handmade gifts. Nothing says I love you more than an item made with love, that special piece made with the recipient in mind.

I have now started venturing into the world of small sculpture. Manipulating the clay in my hands into a form I see in my mind is so satisfying. I make wonky, little mushrooms and houses for fairy gardens. 

I still paint tiles and murals. I love the challenge of the many details. They are time consuming and there is not a lot of demand for them so, I spend most of my time at the wheel or with a ball of clay rolling around in my hands.

I have a terrific family that completely support me in this endeavor. My husband, Davis, of 33 years, is the love of my life. He does everything in his power to see that I am happy.  He loves that I create and teach. He works very hard so that I can continue. I always say he is actually the more creative of the two of us, but he has a job that keeps him fairly busy. When I get him in the studio, he always blows me away with his creativity.


I have six amazing kids, a two daughter-in-laws and a son-in-law and three fabulous grand babies. They are all extremely supportive. I am a wife, mom, and grandma first!  My family is my top priority and although we are empty-nesters, I am grateful to be in a position to work from my own studio, to be available for them.

I am truly a blessed woman.  

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