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Handmade, stoneware shallow bowl. Nice size at 2 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. Made with B3 Brown clay and glazed with two lovely glazes. The lighter brown is called Mottled Spice, and the darker brown is actually a Royal Blue glaze! Where they overlap, you can see the beautiful blue shine through.

Each bowl is unique. They are hand-made on a potter's wheel. Please allow for slight variations between each bowl.

Approximate Measurements:

16 fluid ounce capacity
2 inches tall
7.5 inches wide
About 1 lb for shipping


All my pottery is a cone 5 stoneware (unless otherwise indicated) and each item is hand thrown or hand built, bisque fired, glazed, and glaze fired.

*They are all lead-free and food-safe. 

*They are happy in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. 

*Please do not take this directly from a fridge or freezer into a hot oven. Allow for a more gradual temperature change to avoid breakage.

Thank you for looking!

Shallow Bowl, Brown and Blue

SKU: B10
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  • 2 inches tall

    7.5 inches wide