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All About the Potter

Updated: May 6, 2021

Written by Inez Harwood with Cindy Glad

Photo Credit: Inez Harwood

Heritage Potter Cindy Glad has loved ceramics since the first time she touched potter’s clay. Over 10 years ago Glad’s love of ceramics developed into a professional passion as she opened her first studio in her Moroni home and began teaching hand-building classes to kids and adults. Over the years she began teaching wheel-throw to one student at a time. Eventually expanding to include a few wheels and a few more students. As a respected Utah County Artist, Glad has been a featured potter at the yearly Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and most recently she is acting as the coordinator of the festival’s pottery tent. Glad spent a year in Provo’s Historic Dixon Neighborhood where she expanded her studio and become a distinct member of the Provo fine arts community. She has recently relocated to Fairview, Utah, Gateway to the Skyline Drive Recreation area. She hosts a small studio in this beautiful, rural community. As a heritage potter Glad finds joy in making plates, bowls and pots that can be used in local kitchens, whimsical fairy garden houses, mushrooms and tiny farm animals. Teaching a few lucky locals how to form clay on a potter’s wheel brings her a lot of joy. Watching someone experience clay for the first time or for the first time successfully, is extremely fulfilling.

I love being a potter!

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